Sport Duffle - Navy

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Rugged. Refined. Timeless

Crafted from durable 18 oz filter-twill canvas and adorned with top-stitched leather—the Sport Duffle isn't just built to last, it's a legacy in the making

Built to play. Your way.

Introducing the TUFFMAT-lined paddle flap. Designed to fit pickle, paddle or Padel racquets, it's your blade's personal bodyguard. While you're off the court, it's your gear shield, ensuring the only damage done is to your opponent's ego.

Luxury. Courtside.

Discover plush-lined pockets, inside and out—your sanctuary for valuables. On the court, your watch and phone are as secure as your game. And the cavernous interior is like having your own personal locker room.

Style. To go.

Designed precisely to stand under an airline seat, the Sport Duffle—equipped with a roller bag strap—isn't just a sports bag; it's your flight ally. Stow it, and your feet, under the seat in front.